The not so small small print.

Page Content.


We will include text, images and video and links to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube if required.

We reserve the right to reject any content we deem to be inappropriate, offensive or illegal.


Deposit and Payment.


We require a non-refundable deposit of £99 before we begin work on your website (budget sites require full payment of £69 in advance). 


The balance is payable once you are satisfied that the website we have created is acceptable.


We will publish the website within 24 hours of payment being cleared.


Payments must be made using your bank's Faster Payment service quoting the Reference Number we provide.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the payment is made to our account correctly.


If payment does not reach our account you will need to pursue the matter with your own bank.




An update is regarded as a change made to a single page (except for Contact Detail Updates which are free). If changes are required to 2 separate pages they will be charged as 2 updates or use 2 updates from your free allowance.


Updates will be applied to text, images, videos and links only.


We reserve the right to make grammatical amendments to the text we are sent.


It is your responsibility to ensure that the content you send us is correct.


Updates (unless free) must be paid for in advance.


Update Requests.


Update requests must be submitted by e-mail and include clear details of the amendments required.

We will spell check and make grammatical amendments to the text.

You must specify which text elements and images are to be amended or replaced.


We will only apply updates which are sent from your registered business e-mail address.


Contact Detail Updates


Contact details (Name, Address, Phone numbers and e-mail address) can be changed at any time at no charge.


We will only apply updates which are sent from your registered business e-mail address.


Free Updates.


Four free updates a year are included in the Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages.


7 Day Turn-around.


Once you have submitted ALL your submissions, we aim to have your website up and running within 7 days however this can not be guaranteed due to external factors. Occasionally there may be a delays due to internet and hosting service issues that are beyond our control.



Annual Renewals.


Each year we will send you a reminder and invoice a month before your subscription expires.

If we do not receive payment by the due date the web site will be removed from the server.

If we receive payment after the due date we will reinstate your website as soon as payment has cleared.


Renewal prices are subject to an annual review in January.


Domain Name.


You must advise us of your preferred domain name.


We will, wherever possible, endeavour to find your chosen domain name but we cannot guarantee it will be available or that it is affordable.


Some domain names can be very expensive. We only use domain names which cost less than £15 a year.


The cost of the domain name (up to a maximum of £15 a year) is included in the website design fee and the annual renewal fee.


If you insist on a domain name which costs more than £15 a year you must agree to pay the difference in advance.


The domain name belongs to you for as long as you pay the annual renewal fee.


Hosting Service.


Your website will be hosted by a third party. We use a hosting provider with an excellent service availability rating (over 99%) but the service cannot be guaranteed at all times due to external factors. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of service which is beyond our control.



Cancellations and Refunds.


If you cancel your order at any time you will not receive a refund of your deposit.


If you ask us to remove your website after it has gone live you will not receive a refund.


Free QR Code


The free QR code will take viewers to your site's home page unless specified otherwise.



Cancellation of service.


You can cancel your service at any time however you will not receive a refund,


We can cancel your service if required to do so by legal court action or for non payment of renewal fees.


Third Party disputes.


If you are in dispute with a third party over your website content, domain name or for any other reason it is your responsibility to resolve the matter.


If requested to do so we will suspend your website immediately. We will reinstate the website, if appropriate, once the dispute is resolved.


Copyright Issues.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your website content does not breach copyright rules.

All text should be original and unique to your business or organisation.

All images and videos should belong to you or have been purchased by you from a third party supplier


If requested to do so we will immediately remove any content which breaches copyright rules.


Privacy Policy and Data Protection.


Any personal data you provide will only be used for billing purposes and, with your agreement, on the website we design for you.


We will not forward any details to other organisations without your permission.

We reserve the right to revise these terms and conditions from time to time.