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A website is like a shop window or a virtual salesman.  It is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to get the word out that you are open for business, and the best part is that it is available for customers to view 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  It can communicate to the world who you are, what you do and of course where and when you do it.  In turn this can increase footfall, gain new customers and sell your products and services. Unlike conventional advertising which may only have a local reach your website has a global audience of billions.

The cost of a website can be significantly lower than an advert in the press or Yellow Pages, think back to the last time you looked at Yellow Pages compared to the last time you used Google, Bing or Yahoo?

Press adverts can only contain enough information to fit into the size of the advert that you have purchased, and will only remain visible for a limited time period after which it becomes somebodies chip paper.  While the information that can be conveyed in your website is unlimited, as is the audience. 

In today's competitive economy a professionally designed website will give your business the edge over the competition. Keep it updated to include offers, promotions, latest news or gain contacts for a mailing list,  link it to your social media and before you know it you have created a brand identity.  ​​



A strong logo is the cornerstone of a successful brand and can have a strong impact on the buying decisions made by customers.  A good logo will be simple yet powerful.  

Examples of eye catching logo design might include Apple, Starbucks and the Olympic rings. These logo's contain no text yet the simple graphics are understood by millions across the planet. Of course a logo does not need to be text free an example of this might be Coca-Cola or Subway.  Our speciality is great logo's at low cost.  We want to communicate through our design a memorable visual that is a part of your successful business and brand identity.

If you need  a logo on your website, stationary or vehicles JustWebsites will be happy to create entirely new branding for your business.  However if your existing logo is working well why change a winning formula?  We can incorporate your existing design into your new website.


We can take your existing social media accounts (or create new ones) and fire up your online presence optimizing your brand and engage your audience to help increase your following.  Once we have done the branding of your social channels you will have a strong platform to grow your accounts and interact with your target audience in order to generate new business.  

Social media is a tool, and through simple automation processes we show you how to get the job done across all your media in just minutes.  This will help engage your audience and keep them up to date with your news, offers, events and business development.  Whilst many businesses see the benefits of social media they often overlook it's true value, At the other end of the scale others spend so much time keeping on top of their social accounts that work takes a back seat. We will help you balance the two for optimum impact with minimum effort and time.