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With digital technology paving the way of the future, the need to stand out visually has become more essential than ever.  We are proud of our work and feel lucky to have been involved in projects for a wonderful variety of clients.

We created our first website using HTML coding back in 1999 and since then have moved from strength to strength. We focus on creating simple brochure websites for small business' clubs and organisations.  


Our backgrounds are in programming, coding, design and marketing and we each have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help get your business presence noticed on line.  Our pricing structure is simple and transparent with just six pricing bands for our websites with no hidden costs for hosting or domain names.  The price quoted is what you will pay.  Our logo design services have fixed fees with no ongoing costs.

Although we are based in the North West of the UK the internet means that there are no longer geographical barriers to who we can work with.  So rest assured you are in good hands.


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The route taken to my present occupation is unorthodox, and it certainly wasn't direct, however my experience en-route to this role helped develop my creative ability.  


I originally trained to be an actor, after which I moved to the United States, but with little success in acting and a need for income I returned to the UK and stumbled into a role in financial services and marketing in the 1990's.  Having worked on marketing campaigns for several major banking organisations I realised that corporate life was not for me and began my training in website coding with HTML as my starting point.

I  graduated university with a B.SC (Hons) degree in Computational Science back in the days of punched cards, paper tape and teletype machines and computers were the size of small buildings. I then spent a year doing post-graduate study, and then moved into the relatively new world of computing.


Having served a three year "apprenticeship" as a programmer and analyst I moved on to become a self-employed IT Consultant 

providing services for the Ministry of Defence, a variety of major energy and utility companies, including British Gas, and a number of blue chip financial institutions.

I have an eye for detail, design and a common sense approach to social media.  

Outside of work I have been fortunate enough to be able to indulge my passion for travel and would estimate that I have seen around 30% of the worlds nations.  I am a dog lover, but don't have one because work and travel keeps me away from home.  I am a keen cook with a taste for Sushi, Thai and Arabic food.  


In 1997 I moved to the USA to take up a roll with a large fund manager in Boston and then moved on to MIT.  Would you believe I actually felt homesick?  (yes, really – I missed the damp weather).  Once back in the UK I again took on the role of IT Consultant with major utility companies, before joining Just Websites. text and edit me. It's easy.